The Harris County Housing & Development Public Information Office is responsible for communicating with residents of Harris County to provide timely and accurate information regarding HCD and related happenings in our neighborhoods.  We communicate through social media, traditional media, and public events to inform, interact, and connect with our community.

The HCD Office of Public Information is responsible for the following:

  • Responding to public information requests to the Harris County Housing & Development.
  • Ensuring residents are aware of the various programs, services, and special events.
  • Connecting directly with Harris County residents on an array of social media platforms.
  • Supporting public events and outreach campaigns for the department
  • Creating interactive and engaging content for the department to engage residents.
  • Distributing news releases and media updates on significant events and breaking news.
  • Providing communications support for the various divisions of the Harris County Community Services Department

To submit a request for information about 
Harris County Housing & Community Development programs, 
Email or send postage to:

Harris County Housing & Community Development Department
Attention: PIO
8410 Lantern Point Dr. • Houston, Texas, 77054