Concerted Revitalization Area (CRA)

Concerted Revitalization Area (CRA) are areas in Harris County that were once vital but have lapsed into a condition requiring concerted revitalization and where a plan has been developed and executed for its improvement and recovery. After Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Harris County Housing and Community Development (HCHCD) developed a Needs Assessment Plan that analyzed the effects of the disaster on several significantly impacted areas of the county. These areas, particularly in low-income neighborhoods, displayed a high level of impact on already low-quality affordable housing. To assist in the revitalization of these areas, HCHCD wishes to focus on housing developer's interest in these areas that have high-unmet affordable housing needs thus increasing and improving the supply of affordable housing. The following CRAs have been approved for multi-family and single-family affordable housing development:

  1. Barrett-Highlands CRA (Precinct 2)
  2. Bammel-Westfield CRA (Precinct 4)
  3. Generation Park CRA (Precinct 1)
  4. Greater Greenspoint-Aldine CRA (Precinct 1 & 2)
  5. Huffmeister-Emerald Forest CRA (Precinct 3 & 4)
  6. Sheldon CRA (Precinct 1)
  7. Cloverleaf CRA (Precinct 2)
  8. McNair and Linus CRA (Precinct 2)

Approvals of the CRAs, Maps, Resolution of Support/Non-Opposition Policy and Criteria can be found at the following: