Organizational Overview

Housing Construction and Inspection services is a section within the Housing and Community Development, which provides financial and technical assistance to make emergency repairs to the homes of very low- to moderate-income homeowners at their primary residential property located within unincorporated areas of Harris County or any of the fifteen cooperative cities that have a written agreement with Harris County to provide community development program assistance. The goal of the home repair program is to ensure that basic life, health, and safety needs are met.

Current Scope of Services

The primary focus of this program is to repair or replace water wells and septic systems that are no longer functioning as intended or are posing health and safety hazards.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for minor home repairs is contingent upon homeowners meeting income eligibility and ownership verification that are situated within eligible service areas of Harris County.

For more information, email minor home repair services.

For the City of Houston's program, please click here.