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Harris County Housing & Community Development Find It – Address Locator

The Harris County Housing & Community Development "Find It!" application is address searchable application designed to provide HUD Low to Moderate Income (LMI) information and display Harris County LMI Target Areas, Precinct Boundaries, Harris County Service Area boundaries, and more. The application is interactive, user-friendly, and includes clickable features that display more information.

Additional information about Find It:
Harris County Community Services Find It - Address Locator contains the following layers:

  • Harris County Boundary
  • Harris County Cities, and Cooperative Cities
  • Harris County Non-Service Area
  • Key Map Grid
  • USPS Zip Code
  • HCHCD Target Areas
  • Harris County Service Area
  • Low to Moderate Income Population by Block Group
  • Harris County Commissioner Precincts


Key Features:

This address-searchable application includes Harris County Service Area, Commissioner Precincts, HUD Low-to-Moderate Income Block Groups and Harris County LMI Target Areas.

  • Click and zoom functions allow for deeper exploration of the data.
  • Mobile friendly.


  • Learning more about a location and its surrounding area.
  • Informing decision-making for community development and public service projects
  • Identifying areas for targeted planning and development efforts

HCCSD Low-to-Moderate Income Service Area