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Harris County Community Demographics

The Harris County Community Demographics Dashboard is an online tool designed to provide demographic information in an easy-to-understand format. It contains data on population size, age, race, income, education level, and other important demographic characteristics. The dashboard is interactive, user-friendly, and includes features such as clickable areas, zooming functions, and a built-in address search feature. 

Key Features:
Filters data by geographies, such as Precinct, Service Area, Target Area, County, Places/Cities, ZCTA, Tracts, and Block groups.

Provides a spatial representation of demographic characteristics within service areas and standard Census Geographies for US Census American Community Survey Estimates (ACS5) 2018 – 2022.

Click and zoom functions allow for deeper exploration of the data.

Click on the menu icon in the top right of the screen (see image to the right) to view a popup with all geographies with available demographic data.


Click the image to take you to the Community Demographics application.

Harris County Demographics Map Site Screenshot PNG


  • Understanding population size and demographics by Service Area, Target Areas, Harris County Commissioner Precincts, Block Groups, Tracts, Places, ZCTAs, and County level.
  • Analysis of demographic characteristics (race, income, education level and more...)
  • Determining areas with higher needs for Affordable Housing
  • Allocating grant funding for specific areas
  • Informing decision-making for Community Development and Public Service Projects
  • Identifying areas for targeted Planning and Development Efforts
  • Improving quality of life for residents through targeted programs and projects
  • Grant writing
  • Can be used to determine areas with a higher need for funding

HCD Target Area Profiles

Harris County Target Area Profiles

Harris County Housing and Community Development Target Area Profiles provide demographic information for all Harris County Low to Moderate Income (LMI) target areas. They contain data on population size, age, race, income, education level, and other important demographic characteristics. Target Area Profiles provide a more traditional way of looking at data and give the viewer the opportunity to print the document.

Key Features:

  • Provides demographic information for Target Areas and Harris County to compare smaller geographies to Harris County values.
  • Provides an interactive land use and facilities map to explore target areas in depth.

Access Target Area Profiles:
All Target Area Profiles.pdf

Target area PDFs provide a traditional way of viewing data. To view Community Demographics data in a new and interactive format click this Website.