In order to be considered for the Downpayment Assistance Program (DAP), the following steps need to be followed in this order:

  • First, obtain your First Time Homebuyers Education Certificate from one of the HUD approved providers. The Homebuyers Education Certificate must be obtained in person and not through an online course. For a list of approved education providers, click here.

    The First Time Homebuyers Education Certificate program is a federally mandated step, so that the first time homebuyer understands the full scope of buying a house, starting with the business process to the ongoing costs associated with staying in and maintaining a house.
  • Second, click on the following link for a list of Harris County HCD participating mortgage lenders that have completed the special DAP program training. For you to be considered for the DAP program, the lender you select must be on this list.
  • Third, decide which lenders you would like to meet with. Although all these participating mortgage lenders are on the Harris County HCD’s list, you must be a consumer who carefully selects the company that you feel most comfortable with. As part of interviewing companies, review their websites and ask them about their success rate in obtaining DAP funding.
  • Fourth, ask the mortgage lenders to pre-approve you for a mortgage. You need to find out if you have the potential to qualify for a mortgage loan and DAP funding.
  • Fifth, begin to coordinate the required information, which includes:
    1. two months of bank statements;
    2. two years of income tax returns;
    3. two months pay stubs and any other supportive income information, such as child support;
    4. birth certificates on everyone that will be residing in the home; and
    5. marriage certificates or divorce papers.
    6. Copies of Driver Licenses and Social Security Cards
    7. Buyer is required to have a final signed household budget from their approved Homeownership Education Provider.


Depending on your situation there could be other information you will need to supply to Harris County, but that will be determined before or during your interview with a Harris County DAP loan underwriter.

Look for a home within Harris County's service area. Pre-existing homes must be built within the last 20 years. The zip codes must be located within Harris County’s service area and outside the city limits of Houston, Baytown, and Pasadena. Harris County service area includes the following cooperative cities: Deer Park, Galena Park, Humble, Jacinto City, Katy, LaPorte, Morgan’s Point, Seabrook, Shoreacres, South Houston, Tomball, and Webster. As soon as all your materials are together, and Harris County has received your loan application from the mortgage lender, a lending services representative will call you for an interview.

For more information, email a Harris County DAP representative. Send